The Arise Q2 Solution

Presenting the Q2 Solution

The Q2 Solution is designed to help reduce caregiver injuries and save them time. By reducing caregiver and patient injuries it will reduce costs, length of hospital stay, and increase patient satisfaction. At-home caregivers also benefit from this time- and back-saving device.

Anatomy of a Hero

The Q2 Solution is designed by a nurse for nurses to save time and money and to give the patient a better experience when being turned and changed. Saving time means more time to turn patients which means fewer pressure ulcers. This product is truly a hero!

The leakproof bottom layer, breathable non-woven top layer, and 2000cc absorbency makes this a premium pad; the safety supports and easy open window allows caregivers to have their hands free and have better visibility to provide care while turning and changing a patient.

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