The Q2 Solution

Saving nurses, patients, Time, and money
The Q2 solution helps caregivers stay within the Q2 protocol, turning and changing patients every two hours to help avoid pressure ulcers. It also reduces strain and repetitive motion injuries in caregivers by allowing them to turn and change a patient with their hands free. View the video above for a demo.

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The Q2 solution saves...

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Nursing staff are the most injured profession in the United States. We believe that those who give the most care should not hurt the most.

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The number one factor in reducing pressure ulcers is being turned and changed more frequently. Turns are faster, easier, and therefore more frequent with the Q2 Solution.

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time and money

Faster turning and changing allowing more time at the bedside, fewer sick days due to injury, decreased workers comp premiums, and reduced lawsuit exposure. Save time and money with the Q2 Solution.


Find out more by watching the Q2 solution in Action

Introducing the Q2

Riser Use

Heavy Patient

Home Care

Arisq Q2 Two-Person Change

Q2 Riser Use


Introducing the Q2 Device
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